Our Mission

To be recognized as one the most innovative grow facilities with a commitment to consistently deliver trusted, high quality products with a compassion for serving our community while protecting the environment.

How did we get our name?

We are often asked what the meaning is behind our company name, MC3 Botanicals. (And no, it does not stand for marijuana and cannabis but we do like that thought!)


The company was the brainchild of our founder and President, Sherry Smies, back in 2017. In 2018, Lisa and Susan were brought in as partners.

1_MC3_Gals_Greenhouse_JULY2021 1

Sherry originally set up the corporation as “Midwest and Company” because the owners are from the Midwest and our grow facility is located there. It was descriptive enough for us but also not overly cutesy or offensive to our future neighbors.

We were soon told by the state of Michigan

division, that due to its “vagueness”, “Midwest and Company” would not be allowed. After much brainstorming and discussion, we chose MC3 Botanicals, still keeping the Midwest and Company (MC) and using the “3” for the three women owners.

Botanicals, by definition, is a plant used as medicine which is what we grow. We also formed our mission statement from the 3 C’s: Commitment, Compassion and Community. And just like that (kidding – it was thousands of documents later), MC3 Botanicals was born!

The Three C's


Our team is committed to growing the highest quality cannabis in
an environmentally efficient, innovative solar greenhouse. We practice the highest standards in
sustainability and safety and foster a loving environment for our plants and our people.


At MC3 Botanicals, we care deeply about people. We are compassionate about the health and wellness of those who are suffering and aim to provide a quality, alternative remedy for treatment and care to help people live better lives.


MC3 Botanicals is proud to be in the UP and we strive to support other businesses in our area, foster great relationships and give back to our community. The continued health and well-being of our community is our top priority.

Meet the Team

Sherry Smies


Sherry, the youngest of five, grew up on the family farm along Lake Michigan with a very creative imagination and some would say a free spirit. Although having the best childhood with country living, Sherry set off for the city and a career in graphic design. With her home base in Austin, Sherry enjoys music, food, gardening and creating
custom cocktails, but also loves traveling, especially to the northern woods for family time and to be back on the MC3 farm. Even her Texas husband enjoys visiting the northern woods, especially during summer … all two weeks of them, as he says.

Lisa Lesandrini


Lisa is an outdoor enthusiast who loves living in the UP and can’t imagine life anywhere else. If she’s not on the water in her 40 foot houseboat, you will find her in the water! She loves spending time on
“Mother Superior” and was lucky enough to kayak the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore … a journey she will never forget. Lisa passionately loves coffee and has a serious collection of coffee mugs that have spilled over into every area of her life … work, home and rolling around in her vehicle. She loves spending time with her family, friends and grandkids, who bring her so much joy.

Susan Schuytema


Susan Schuytema is a small town enthusiast, writer and entrepreneur who is also a self-proclaimed word ninja. She has been a writer most of her life, is an NYT crossword puzzle athlete and a die hard lover of the five F’s: flora, fauna, food, facts and fun. She has worked as a writer, a disc jockey, wine slinger, coffee slinger and is nothing short of the world’s worst singer (though that does not stop her singing loud – very loud.) She fell in love with the natural beauty of the UP and though life took her to the west coast, the connection will last forever.

Josh Hulce


After years of experience in the cannabis industry, Josh started working with MC3 in June of 2022, working closely with Bruce Premo, while bringing his own expertise for cloning and maximizing plant space. Josh’s talents and knowledge goes beyond the plants, but also how to maximize the benefits our special combined indoor and greenhouse facility offers. Josh continues to develop strains that flourish in our unique sustainable environment, while also increasing terpene and cannabinoid content, enhancing flavor and effect.

Kaylee Lesandrini


Kaylee’s roots and passion run deep in the Upper Peninsula. Her knowledge and ambition to learn come from growing up in a small community. It’s made her appreciate life and to ask more questions on improving sustainable living while using community resources and support. With a background in customer service, emergency medicine, long term health care, environmental renewable resources and greenhouse cultivation, Kaylee has been able to build a platform of knowledge supporting her career in the Cannabis Industry. Kaylee proudest asset and teacher is her son, Theo. Becoming a mother has taught her that everything grows and grows quickly but to have patience and enjoy the process. She’s hometown proud and eager to grow with the Upper Peninsula community.

Tom Lesandrini


Tom was born and raised in the UP. He and his wife Lisa raised three children in Crystal while successfully owning and operating the Infield Bar for 10 years. Tom was county commissioner for ten years, then Crystal Falls supervisor for 11 years before joining the MC3 team. Tom and Lisa have been married for 35 years and have 5 grandchildren they love spending time with, as well as with their 3 adult children and spouses. Family is among their most prized possessions, and is thrilled to have family involved at MC3!