Putting the Ability in Sustainability

Our team is always striving to improve when it comes to growing premium plants and operating our business sustainably. Whether we are talking about energy conservation, eco-friendly packaging or composting plant waste, our team works every day to be more responsible with our world’s most important resources.


When it comes to energy creation and conservation, we are constantly trying to implement new and better technology to make our greenhouse more efficient. One of the ways we are doing this is the investment we made in energy-efficient LED lighting technology. LED lights can deliver nearly the same light output as High Intensity Discharge Lamp, while reducing electrical usage and cooling costs by about 40%. This means we can optimize yields while saving on utility costs and reducing our ecological footprint.


Another tool we use is energy screens — they reduce energy usage by conserving heat in our greenhouses and keeping our plants shaded from the sun. Our energy screens allow us to use approximately 47% less energy to heat and cool our greenhouse.

We also use the Growlink tool that allows us to closely monitor all the conditions in our rooms remotely and 24/7. With this system and app, we can set up rules to monitor the temperatures, open and close louvers, turn on and off fans, curtains and heat, keeping the perfect environment for our plants while reducing energy usage.

We are continuing to explore additional ways, including packaging that is compostable or made from recycled plastics. It’s exciting to learn about new products and technologies being developed as we constantly look for ways to be more sustainable.