ORGANIC : avoiding heavy fertilizers and pesticides, providing clean-grown plants to supply consumers with a product that is as pure as possible, with better taste and flavor.

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MC3 Botanical’s high-quality cannabis strains will be grown with a strict nutrient management program, integrated pest management systems and horticultural techniques to ensure our plants receive the proper elements, nutrients and care for optimal growth. We consideration not only the health of the patient but that of the environment as well. This method of cultivation focuses on quality organic inputs, never using any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

What this translates into; is the safest, highest quality cannabis brand that patients can trust.

Our innovative greenhouse facility is optimized for harsh climates and will feature exceptional thermal performance, best-in-class snow and wind load capacity, an automated louvered intake and exhaust system, and an automated light-deprivation (shade) system. The ability to leverage natural light to reduce electrical usage was a large part of the business’ decision to partner with ArchSolar. This will allow us to deliver year-round, sun-kissed, organically grown artisanal medical cannabis to the Michigan market.