Our Mission

To become recognized as one of the most innovated grow facilities, with a commitment to consistently deliver trusted products and a compassion for serving the community while protecting the environment.

Who We Are

MC3 is a women-owned business located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our mission is to provide high quality cannabis to qualified provisioning centers and manufacturers.

Our core values consist of trusted quality products, high work-place standards, highest integrity, and genuine community outreach.

Our Product

MC3 Botanicals is proud to offer small-scale craft cannabis that emphasizes quality over quantity. We dial in every little detail of growing cannabis, from seedling to harvest to curing, ultimately bringing forth the best aromas, flavors, and effects of the genetics. We implement rigorous control measures and ensure consistency, purity and freedom from contaminants.

Our Community

Our goal at MC3 is to love, support, and contribute to our society’s well-being. We believe that through kindness, compassion, and mindfulness of those in need, we can make positive differences in peoples’ lives. We practice the highest standards in sustainability and safety, foster a loving environment for our plants and our people, and support our UP community.

Let’s Connect!

If you have any questions about who we are and what our mission is all about, let us know!

Would you like to carry our products in your provision center? Or are you a consumer and want your favorite provision center to carry our products? We would love to hear from you!

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