I will always be a loud advocate for Medical Marijuana. I’ve seen first hand how it has helped someone after chemo to settle nausea so they could eat. A person with anxiety to function again in society… and many many more.

I have acquired a book, copyright 1918, from my Grandfather’s library, titled “The Herbalist and Herb Doctor”. Curious as to the cannabis herb, I paged through to find “Foreign Indian Hemp, Cannabis Indica, or Cannabis Sativa”. We call it, Marijuana.

Reading further I find the section on “Properties and Uses”. “It has been successfully employed in gout, neuralgia, rheumatism, locked jaw, convulsions, chorea, hysteria and uterine hemorrhage; it is chiefly valuable as an invigorator of mind and body.”

Over a hundred years and we’ve found with science and specific studies that it can do so much more! Call us old fashioned, but yes, Medical use will always be the main focus of MC3 Botanicals.

Will medical cannabis surpass recreational?