Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana market is continuing to grow, hitting more than 7.2 million in sales in February alone!

That’s up from 4.3 million in January, after a $1 million sales month in December, the first full month of MMJ sales in the state. And this is just medical, folks!

Oklahoma’s business-friendly MMJ program, starting last June, holds almost 55,000 patients, 1,100 dispensaries and 1,800 growers all licensed and registered since August.

And where is Michigan? In the first month of operation, when only a few licensed dispensaries were open, $7.1 million in cannabis sales were recorded with the state Department of Licensing and Regulation. That figure grew to $11.9 million in January and slipped slightly to $11.2 million in February, a frigidly cold month with three fewer days than January. The total for four months is $42,061,557. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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