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Cannabis – the color of money and an emerging industry that has opened up the opportunities for women to lead.

Most women in cannabis never planned on opening a business in this industry, but when linking alternative care and western medicine together, along with various states legalization, it’s an amazing blend.
Many women owned cannabis companies have been met with challenges that any new business would face, such as banking and financing, particularly because of the unwarranted stigma associated with cannabis and federal laws still prohibit the sale of legal cannabis.

Women are also attracted to the industry for the opportunity to help shape the industry’s laws and regulations. Some have stated that the glass ceiling is not an issue and women can lead, rather than try to catch up.

There are even organizations that provide networking opportunities. Women Grow, a national organization empowering women to be leaders in cannabis, has many chapters available in legal states. The organization provides a place to learn about the industry and network with women that lead in all areas of the industry.

There are many opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the fringe of the cannabis industry, such as marketing, public relations, real estate, construction and a myriad of others.

The moral of the story — if anyone wants something, no matter what sex you are, the same ingredients go into achieving goals. It’s dedication, hard work, trial and error, and learning from the failures.

Women Entrepreneurs Changing the Face of the Cannabis Industry